Google maps for LG 840G

Google maps one of the most used apps on smart phones this app provide a very simple maps includes a huge quantity of information so if you want to go to a specific bank branch in a strange area and you doesn’t know where is the exact bank location in that situation you should use Google maps to save a lot of effort and get the bank location by using search tools or checking the city maps, Many tracfone LG 840G users wondered how to install Google maps and use it on that mobile the way to do that and the answer is pretty simple just follow the following steps

First step download Google maps app for LG 840G there is many websites provides it for free
Second step make sure the app extension is .jar or another java extension
Third step copy Google maps app to your LG 840G apps folder
Fourth step open LG 840G then open the apps folder from this phone then open Google maps app by click open on it after this agree the terms and conditions of using the app
So after following this steps do you have any questions or had any troubles with the app ? if yes describe it reply by a comment in this page.


How to access your voice mail in tracfone by using a different phone

The steps are so simple and easy follow it to access your voice mail in tracfone.

First from your landline phone call your cellular number.

Second when you got the automatic respond including greeting message press the (*) key.

Third if you pressed the (*) key and that doesn’t interrupt the greeting press (#) key.

Fourth enter your password and follow the instruction.


Tracfone history

Tracfone company launched and started in 1996 as Topp telecom inc , specializes in prepaid mobile phone service in this cities Miami and Florida in February 1999 , after that Topp received a major infusion from Teléfonos de México company , it was the largest telephone company in Mexico , then TellMex paid $57.5 million for %55 controlling interest in the company , in the next year 2000 after 1999 Telmex spun off its mobile unit creating América Móvil , and the Topp telecom company became a subsidiary , after that in November 2000 , the topp telecom Inc changed its name to Tracfone wireless inc.

América Móvil the TracFone’s parent company announced that it has reached agreement to acquire rival MVNO simple mobile , then this deal completed successfully in June 2012.

About tracfone revenue history

Tracfone Revenue between Jan-Dec 2008 is US$9.48 billion.

Tracfone international long distance

Tracfone wireless its a telecommunications company in USA provides to all it’s customers methods and options to do international calls  so to do an international call to someone out USA call a toll-free number in USA dialed to make the phone call to some telephones in more than fifty countries.

There is an international neighbors plan for the Tracfone customers obtain up to three local telephone numbers in any of some country neighbors near USA such as Canada and Mexico , these are forwarded to the Tracfone number in USA at the standard rates.



Tracfone wireless coverage

There is many wireless internet providers  in USA and tracfone is one of the top companies that provides this service and sell cell phones too , the tracfone company did a lot of efforts to provide better coverage to they customers and to provide a high quality service.

The network coverage in USA percent is very high , if you had any troubles with the coverage in your area you should call tracfone customer service and tell them your problem details.

What do you think about the tracfone company coverage in USA ?

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How to keep your tracfone phone updated


Tracfone have been around for a little while and there are times when people like them more than other phones. There is many reason for this is one of them because there is no contract for the phone to be used. This means that you have pay if you want to keep it on. As a payment option pay as you go and that is about it. You pay by using Tracfone promo codes to get free bonus minutes.

There are a lot of ways to keep your tracfone phone updated and one way is using some promo codes. These codes is very helpful to keep time on your cell phone when you cannot always seem to get a card. There are a few ways available to get a promo code in order to make sure that you keep your service.

When you have a tracfone you have to update it in a month. They give you this amount of time to add minutes to your phone, and if you cannot get a card in hand go there tracfone promo codes. There are some codes where you go to the register and ask for airtime which give you a code after you pay the amount due. This is usually a long number that you can use in order to add that amount of airtime to your phone.